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Dzyanis Sukhanitski, P.Eng.

Dzyanis (Dennis) Sukhanitski, P.Eng., CFPHS.

my name is Dzyanis (Dennis) Sukhanitski, I’m a Hydraulic/Mechanical Engineer (P.Eng., APEGA) and certified hydraulic specialist (CFPHS, IFPS) based in Calgary, Canada.

I have a passion for system design for different applications and open for any new opportunities:

  • Design of the newest modern solutions for hydraulic and pneumatic systems in close collaboration with leading fluid power companies.
  • Hydraulic system calculation and analysis; simulation of hydraulic process (MathCAD, Excell, Web-programming).
  • Preparing of conceptual layouts/schematics of hydraulic and pneumatic systems in accordance with ISO 1219.
  • Design and stress analysis of hydraulic manifolds (Creo, SolidWorks).
  • Test and troubleshooting of hydraulic systems.
  • Technical support for customers during the equipment installation, start-up problem troubleshoots.

More info about my background and skills you can find at my LinkedIn profile:

This web site is my business card and in the same time a professional blog about hydraulic and pneumatic system design. Also, I’m creating online calculators to solve some routine hydraulic calculations. In addition, I try to catch all fluid power innovations in online/press media and review the new issues of fluid power magazines to reflect most interesting articles.

Welcome to fantastic world of fluid power system design!

Please feel free to leave any comments under the posts and contact me by E-mail if you have any questions.



My latest posts

SANFAB Injector

What is a wonderful gadget I met today! Will try to use it in next applications. It used for oil recirculation, but it seems like you can make a close loop system with open loop pump, and get almost all benefits of the close loop:

  • reduced tank size
  • lower weight
  • higher pump work rpm

With benefits above this device is really welcome at the mobile applications where open loop pumps need to be involved. For example, at the project I’m working now, I got a situation where the open loop pump has to work at high 2500 rpm (2100 diesel engine + PTO ratio) and by some reasons open loop pump I need to use. And it isn’t easy to find not expensive open loop pump for so hight cont. work RPM.

If it is interesting here the link for the gadget:

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Free Fluid Power Books

Fluid Power Basics

By this link you anybody can free download (or just read online) first couple chapters of “Fluid Power Basics” by Alan Hitchcox. This handbook is really just a basics and probably will be good enough for beginners. Unfortunately, full book is available for $59. But you always can read previous edition (from 2007) online by this link.

Pneumatics. Practical Guide

By clicking this link you can download very well illustrated eBook about pneumatic system design from Automation Direct. And it is really good book for beginners.

Electrohydraulic Control Systems

Here is a free eBook what I tried to use for proportional valve calculations. In the reality this book was not useful enough, but you can read it at least because it free for download. The book contains a lot of ads at the pages, so, probably, this is the reason why it free.


Very basics book for beginners from Yuken.

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Hydraulic tank volume

The main rule for hydraulic tank sizing is: “bigger is better”, but because there is not always exist a possibility to find a lot of space for the tank (mostly in mobile applications) we need to know and follow min requirements for system calculation.

Just wanted to summarize all info I have for estimation of hydraulic tank volume:

Min. value Recommendation
Industrial application – Mineral Oil
2.5 times of all pumps flow + 10% for air cushion 3..5 times of all pumps flow + 10% for air cushion
Industrial application – HFC/HFD
5 times of all pumps flow + 10% for air cushion 8 times of all pumps flow + 10% for air cushion
Mobile application – Open loop pumps
1.5..2 times of all pumps flow + 10% for air cushion 2.5 times of all pumps flow + 10% for air cushion
Mobile application – Close loop pumps
1..2 times of all CHARGE pumps flow + 10% for air cushion 1.5..2 times of all pumps flow + 10% for air cushion

Please correct me if I’m wrong.

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