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Dzyanis Sukhanitski, P.Eng.

Dzyanis Sukhanitski, P.Eng., CFPHS.

my name is Dzyanis (Dennis) Sukhanitski, I’m a Hydraulic/Mechanical Engineer (P.Eng., APEGA) and Certified Fluid Power Hydraulic Specialist (CFPHS, IFPS) based in Calgary, Canada.

I really like hydraulic system design and calculation for different applications and the scope of my work included but not limited to:

  • Design of the newest modern solutions for hydraulic and pneumatic systems in close collaboration with leading fluid power companies.
  • Hydraulic system calculation and analysis; simulation of hydraulic process (MathCAD, Excell, Web-programming).
  • Preparing of conceptual layouts/schematics of hydraulic and pneumatic systems in accordance with ISO 1219.
  • Test and troubleshooting of hydraulic systems.
  • Technical support for customers during the equipment installation, start-up problem troubleshoots.

More info about my background and skills you can find at my LinkedIn profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/dzyanis

I have created this website as a free resource where any Fluid Power specialists can share their knowledge, technical, or just interesting info about new products or just make a discussion on any topics related to the hydraulic or pneumatic. Please feel free to create your own post on this website! For that only what you need is to log in with your LinkedIn account.

Also, with my knowledge of web development, I’m creating online calculators to solve some routine hydraulic calculations. You can use them for free and, if you find any mistakes – please let me know!!!

Welcome to the fantastic world of fluid power system design!

Please feel free to leave any comments/questions under the posts or contact me by E-mail: or via LinkedIn message.

Dzyanis Sukhanitski, P.Eng.