Useful links

Online Product configurators

With the configurators you can download catalogues and generate 2D/3D models

Parker Configurator Center

Bosch Rexroth Product Configurator

Durst Gearing product configurator and CAD generator

AKG Thermal Systems Product Configurator

Eaton Interactive Product Configurator

2D/3D Models Tool

Fluid Power Journals

You can read online or subscribe for digital or papar issues.

Fluid Power World
Official website: https://www.fluidpowerworld.com/
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Official website: https://www.hydraulicspneumatics.com/
Fluid Power Journal
Official website: https://fluidpowerjournal.com/
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Hydraulics & Pneumatics UK
Official website: https://hpmag.co.uk/
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Machinery Lubrication
Official website: https://www.machinerylubrication.com//
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