Useful links

Online Product configurators

With the configurators you can download catalogues and generate 2D/3D models

AKG Thermal Systems Product Configurator

Durst Gearing product configurator and CAD generator

Eaton Interactive Product Configurator

2D/3D Models Tool

Parker Configurator Center

Bosch Rexroth Product Configurator

SUN Hydraulics Product Configurator

Fluid Power Journals

You can read online or subscribe for digital or papar issues.

Fluid Power World
Official website: https://www.fluidpowerworld.com/
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Official website: https://www.hydraulicspneumatics.com/
Fluid Power Journal
Official website: https://fluidpowerjournal.com/
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Hydraulics & Pneumatics UK
Official website: https://hpmag.co.uk/
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Machinery Lubrication
Official website: https://www.machinerylubrication.com//
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