Fluid Power world-wide pressure gauges

The company where I’m currently working manufactures and ships equipment around the world.
Although the SI unit for pressure is the Pascal (Pa), different countries use their own kind of “standards” for pressure measuring, and when designing the system I need to keep in mind what country our equipment is shipping to. Below are just my notes/recommendations, which I personally use in my practice in case if customer doesn’t have specific requirements for pressure gauges (brand/units). Since our equipment is designed and manufactured in Alberta and Texas, I use a primary scale that matches the region and “psi” scale as a secondary one.

Region Unit Gauge unit(s) scale Example
North America
South America
(Pounds per Square Inch)
kPa or MPa
(KiloPascal or MegaPascal)
Dual: psi/kPa
Western Europe
Arabic Countries
Dual: psi/bar
South Korea
South Asia
(Kilogram per square centimetres)
Dual: psi/kg/cm²

The unit converter you can find by this link.

Most popular pressure gauge scale ranges:

   30 psi =    207 kPa = 0.207 MPa = 2.068 bar
   60 psi =    413 kPa = 0.414 MPa =  4.14 bar
  160 psi =  1,103 kPa =   1.1 MPa = 11.03 bar
  200 psi =  1,379 kPa =  1.38 MPa = 13.79 bar
  600 psi =  4,136 kPa =   4.1 MPa =  41.4 bar
1,000 psi =  6,895 kPa =   6.9 MPa =    69 bar
2,000 psi = 13,789 kPa =  13.8 MPa =   138 bar
3,000 psi = 20,684 kPa =  20.7 MPa =   207 bar
5,000 psi = 34,474 kPa =  34.5 MPa =   345 bar

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