SUN Hydraulics – delivery time issue

SUN delivery issueWorking on the design of new projects I like to involve SUN Hydraulics valves and use them a lot. They are not expensive, pretty reliable and have uncredible understandable paper and online catalogs.

All these major benefits coming to naught as soon delivery time even of very wonderfull products makes impossible to use them in projects. This is exactly what going on these days.

Today I got a quotation from a local vendor for the valve FDEA-LAN with delivery time 31 weeks!!! It is longer than my project needs to be completed!

Helios Technologies (formerly known as Sun Hydraulics) has three facilities in the Americas, two in Europe and already three in Asia-Pacific (one more plant in China has been opened this year). But this fact doesn’t help to provide SUN valves faster.

Because the company, where I’m working now, has fillies in Europe we know the issue with the SUN product delivery time is currently common for the whole world. There no any comments from SUN and its parent Helios at their websites and I see the delivery time is increasing every month.

Therefore, I’m seriously starting to think about solutions on how to proceed. Problem is a lot of manifolds that have already been designed in our projects use SUN cavities. And to re-design of these manifolds is a pain, you know why. I’m seriously thinking to use SUN clones to cover these positions. Currently, I dug the next manufacturers:

  • Winner Hydraulic. This is a manufacturer from Taiwan, but they do not have distributors in North America.
  • PressureBoss Hydraulics Inc. From their website is not clear what country their plant is physically situated. They have distributors in the US but not in Canada.

For new projects, I’m starting to look at Parker and Eaton cartridges. They have a pretty good assortment and actually last months I already used some of their valves as quick replacement options.

How you are dealing with SUN Hydraulic delivery issue?


  1. William Hartman

    I like to use Sun in my designs, very satisfied with the product, been using it for 20 years. I am now looking elsewhere for new equipment as well, lead times with Sun in last two years are too long. I am looking for suggestions, hydraulic design is a small part of my job, so I don’t have a lot of experience with a big variety of manufacturers, things were never bad enough for me to shop around. Have worked some with hydraforce, good price, but once had performance issues on a valve that we were operating at the top end of its ratings. They have everything I need, but I think have less selection than Sun. Parker I think of as pricey, but have always heard good things about their quality and performance. Hydac has reached out to me many times, going toi at least check them out. Good luck.

  2. Michael White

    Vonberg Valve has cartridge valves made in the US with lead times of 3-4 weeks. They have valves which fit both common and Sun cavities.



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