Pump-Motor calculation

Pump-Motor Close Loop

Pump-Motor calculations

Here you can find the online calculations for Pump-Motor in close loop.
These calculations are for variable displacement pump and fixed displacement motor.

value imperial metrical value imperial metrical
MAX Displacement (Const): in3 cm3 Displacement (Const): in3 cm3
Displacement (Actual): in3 cm3
Volumetric Efficiency (Const): % Volumetric Efficiency (Const): %
Mechanical Efficiency (Const): % Mechanical Efficiency (Const): %
Overall Efficiency (Const): % Overall Efficiency (Const): %
Input RPM (Const): rev-1 Output RPM: rev-1
Flow at MAX displacement (Const): GPM LPM Output RPM at MAX flow: rev-1
Flow from pump (Actual): GPM LPM
Required pressure: psi bar
Required Input Torque: lbf-in N-m Output Torque: lbf-in N-m
Required Input Power: HP kW Output Power: HP kW


How to use this chart.

Just change any values in the input fields, other will be re-calculated automatically.

If you find a mistake, please let me know.

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