Schlumberger mast CTU at the tests

Schlumberger mast CTUs at the tests

Schlumberger mast CTUs at the tests

25 years ago I made one of the major decisions in my life – selected a specialty in the University. I remember my questions to one of the teachers of hydraulic and pneumatic systems faculty department: how long fluid power systems will be in demand for machines and different equipment? What is the chance I can find a job as a hydraulic specialist in 20, 30 years?…

Oh yes, that was a time when computers and electronics start to go by huge steps and I thought in a close future all hydraulic systems will be replaced with electric/servo drives.

Now, 25 years later, knowing the benefits of hydraulic systems and areas where fluid power solutions can be used more efficiently, knowing the modern trends and system design evolution, I can respond to myself: at least the next half of the century most power machines still will use a hydraulic system with a demand for specialists in this area.

Take a look at the picture – two more CTUs at our backyard during the test today. It is very impressive how the hydraulic system drives all equipment. How easy to design units like this with hydraulics! And how more complicated, expensive and less reliable this unit will be without hydraulics!

Our customer will get these units in work at soon. Well done!

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