Scheme Editor 6.2

The new version 6.2 of Bosch Rexroth Scheme Editor has been released! And now it contains the Hydraulic library, like they promised couple months ago (see my article)!

Download the software you can by this link: http://www.boschrexroth.com/dnc-scheme-editor (78 Mb.)

Free registration is required for downloading. After launching of installing wizard the automatic updating of the previous version will be made. So you do not need to uninstall previous one. And, don’t forget to restart your computer!

After computer restarting it is necessary to import new libraries. So, finally you get 3 libraries:

Scheme Editor 6.2 Libraries

Scheme Editor 6.2 Libraries

Pneumatics library has been updated to ver. 1.2 and new Hydraulics and Electrical libraries have been added to the Symbol Library list.

I quickly checked new hydraulics symbols and found the library a little bit poor.

Hydraulic symbols example

Hydraulics symbols example

For example, I did not find symbols for hydraulic valves pneumatically operated for one of my applications. But a generic schematic can be done with the existing hydraulic library and for other, more complicated systems, you can use wonderful “Symbol Modeling Tool”.

Resume: Bosch Rexroth is moving forward in the right direction and hopefully this software will continue to develop and libraries will be updated with a new symbols, at least with components what BR has in their assortment.



  1. François

    Hi, where do you download libraries ? Thanks

  2. Dzyanis Sukhanitski (Post author)

    Libraries come with the Scheme Editor. But, in addition to them, you can create your own libraries using “Symbol Modeling Tool” that also included in the software.

    1. François

      Thanks for your reply. I have created my own symbols with symbol modeling tool.
      But when I have installed the software, there was only 2 libraries (pneumatic and hydraulic)

      1. Dzyanis Sukhanitski (Post author)

        Of course. Bosch Rexroth Scheme Editor has been developed for hydraulic and pneumatic design only. You can design electrical schematic, but for that you have to create your own library. I’m pretty sure you can find specialized software for electrical design.

    2. François

      could you send me your electrical library ? you can export it and I will import it.


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