Magnetic Filter Scrubber

Just impressed how efficient can be Magnetic Filter Scrubber. I use it at all applications and photos below can explain why.

Magnetic Filter Scrubber

Magnetic Filter Scrubber after 1 year unit work in the field

I mount these filters at the bottom of the tank downstream the butterfly shuttle valves (tank outlet ports). In case of service, these valves closing and checking/cleaning of scrubbers can be done without full oil drain from the tank. For that, each scrubber is provided with -04 orb port which lets to drain small qty of the hydraulic oil from the scrubber itself.

Magnetic Filter Scrubber

Magnetic Filter Scrubbers mounted to the tank

I’m not showing the brand of the scrubbers at the photo, this is not an advertisement of the specific brand, just wanna share the idea to use scrubbers, especially in the mobile applications, where the size of tanks usually not big enough to sedimentation of particles to the bottom of the tank.

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  1. Grant Green

    Telling pictures…magnets certainly do have a place in keeping a hydraulic system up to required ISO cleanliness codes. There is one issue that I have never been able to get my head around. Many of the wear components in high quality piston pumps and motors are non-ferrous. It is actually brass, or bronze and other alloys that can end up causing much of the damage in a improperly maintained or filtered hydraulic circuit. This varies a little from manufacturer to manufacturer. I have seen ferrous based valve plates for example, but these are not as common.
    Something to be aware of…I am not sure how magnets address this point, a premium high quality filter 5 micron or less does usually address this. Placement of filters, sizing of the filters, reliable monitoring, and regular maintenance/changeouts are also keys to avoiding costly contamination failures in a hydraulic system.


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