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Hydraulic oil viscosity


  • Dynamic and kinematic viscosity in SI and British unit
  • Understanding the optimum operating viscosity range
  • Selecting the  ISO VG (Viscosity Grade) for your system
  • Understanding the Viscosity Index

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The viscosity is a measure of the fluid’s resistance to flow.

There are dynamic and kinematic viscosity we usually use for calculations.

The symbol for dynamic viscosity is the Greek letter mu (µ). The SI unit for dynamic viscosity is the pascal-second (Pa·s), but the more common unit is the centipoise (cP):

1 P = 0.1 Pa·s
1 cP = 0.001 Pa·s = 0.001 N·s/m2.

For example, the dynamic viscosity of water at 20*C is 1.00 cP

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