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June 2016 fluid power press review

June 2016 pressreview of most interested articles about hydraulic and pneumatic design and solutions.

Hydraulics & Pneumatics magazine

Hydraulics & Pneumatics, June 2016

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  • There continue the cycle of articles for beginners “Hydraulic-Electric analogies” and in this issue we can find info about internal gear (gerotor) pumps (history, how it works, types, etc.). See pages 20..23
  • “Stick-Slip Happens, But How” – info about friction and vibration characteristics of pneumatic cylinders (see pages 24..29)
  • “Gain Control of the flow” – mini-guide enplanes what kind of valves (and why) can be used for actuator speed control (see pages 34..39)
  • “Premature Failures and what to do about them” – article about components failure detection procedures, commissioning and warranty issues (see pages 40..44)

Hydraulics & Pneumatics journal (UK)

Hydraulics & Pneumatics journal (UK), June 216
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Just couple news and discussions were interested from hydraulic point, and there no any useful technical info in this issue.

Fluid Power World Handbook 2016

FluidPower World, June 2016

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The fifth edition of the Fluid Power Handbook. You can search unique, high-value editorial content for the latest and greatest news, application stories, technical features and more.

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